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What is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is a week long experience in "Scout Life", and a LOT of fun! It's held at Council-run scout camps and is staffed with some adult leaders and older experienced Boy Scouts who spend the entire summer living at camp as counselors.

At Summer Camp, Scouts will be boarded in 8'x8' "wall tents" (large canvass tents with 2 cots, usually on platforms to keep them off the ground). Despite their open exposure to the elements, the tents do a great job keeping out the elements and protecting camping gear from getting wet.

During the day, all Scouts and Scouters from Troop 210 will wear matching Class-B t-shirts along with their uniform pants or shorts. It helps us look "uniform" and ensures the boys are in clean clothes (at least at the start of the day). All meals are served in the Camp Dining Hall. For dinner, all of our Scouts and Scouters will be in complete Class-A (field) uniform.

Scouts spend the day in "program" areas learning the Scout Skills they selected before coming to camp. However, there is plenty of "free time" for Scouts to relax, sample other program areas around camp, visit the shooting ranges, repelling tower, or swimming pool. There are often "camp-wide" games to make sure Scouts have plenty of FUN and entertaining activities their entire time at camp. There will be multiple camp fires and other ceremonies throughout the week, including OA tap outs.

Summer Camp 2019

Our Summer Camp destination again this year is Camp John J. Barnhardt in Stanley County North Carolina, June 29th through July 6th (week #2).

We are proud to call Camp Barnhardt our "summer home" again this year...for the 6th year in a row! During that time, our Troop has had many GREAT experiences there with our Scouts and Scouters forming life long friendships and developing wonderful memories.

Camp Barnhardt has a wonderful chowhall, state of the art pool and shooting sports complex, a pristine lake for sailing, canoeing, motorboating, and waterskiing...along with campwide games and competitions for Scouts and Scouters!

1st year Scouts will be attending the first year "Nighthawks" program. Nighthawks will experience all aspects of Scouting from team building exercises and cooking, to swimming...all while completing many advancement requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class...can we say LETS BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION?

Summer Camp 2018 - "Reindeer Games"

Summer Camp 2017 - "The Barnhardt Highland Games"

This year, "Klan Angus" invaded Camp Barnhardt with 10 Scouts and 4 Scouters for their "Highland Games"! During our week there, we were able to "concur" the camp and take away the following awards:

36 merit badges earned
1 Scout graduating from Nighthawks
4 Scouters earning the Scoutmaster Merit Badge
1st place in the Campwide Cooking Contest
1st place in the Gateway Competition
1st place in the Kilted Golf Tournament
1st place in the Farmer's Walk Contest
1st place in the Tossing the Wellie Contest
Winner of the Barnhardt Highland Games

Including winning the Highland Champion Superior Unit Award!


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Summer Camp 2016 - "Barnhardt Back in Time"

Happy Birthday Camp Barnhardt! Troop 210 had an awesome time again this year helping Camp Barnhardt celebrate it's 50th birthday!!!!

Using our "time machine", Troop 210 had 11 Scouts and 7 Scouters travel through five decades of scouting...the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Here are a few of the highlights from our journey:

  • almost 40 merit badges earned
  • 4 Scouts graduating from Nighthawks
  • 7 Scouters earning the Scoutmaster Merit Badge
  • 1st place in the "Lost in Time" campwide Troop competition
  • 1 Scout becoming a swimmer during Nighthawks

And yes, we won the Superior Unit Award this year!


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Summer Camp 2015 - "Heroes of Barnhardt"

Summer Camp 2015 at Camp John J. Barnhardt is just a memory. Troop 210 had another stellar year...2 new Scouts attending Nighthawks, 8 "seasoned" Scouts earning merit badges, all accompanied by 5 adult Scouters.

We loved the "superhero" theme and here are a few of our accomplishments:
  • 43 merit badges earned
  • 2 Scouts graduating from Nighthawks
  • Scoutmaster / Senior Patrol Leader "belly flop" competition
  • 1st place in the Scoutmaster shotgun shootoff
  • 1st place in the CJJB Golf Tournament
  • "The Flash's Field Games"
  • "Aquaman's Aquamania" challenge
  • awesome daily spirit challenges
  • all Scouters earned the "Scoutmaster Merit Badge"
  • 3 awesome campfire ceremonies


Oh, and "the Heroes of Barnhardt" Summer Camp video was released by Troop 210 Productions too!

Summer Camp 2014-"Scout Scientific Investigation"

Troop 210's very first summer camp is just a memory. We had an awesome week at Camp John J. Barnhardt with our friends from Troop 256...filling up Campsite 6. We even had a visit from 007 (no, not James Bond...our new friends from South Carolina...Troop 007)!

The "science" theme was great, and look at all of our FUN and accomplishments:

  • 2 Scouts graduating from Nighthawks
  • over 20 merit badges earned
  • 1 leader assisting staff with Railroading Merit Badge
  • 3 Campfire Ceremonies
  • Awesome breakfast assembly challenges
  • Robots verses Androids "water balloon battle"
  • Scoutmaster "belly flop" competition
  • Mr. Clark even earned the "Scoutmaster Merit Badge"


We earned the "Nikola Tesla Achiever Unit Award" (GREAT JOB!!!!)


P.S...."Troop 210 Productions" released the first Summer Camp Video!