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Cub Scout Pack 566
(Saratoga/Cupertino, California)
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Cub Scout Pack 566: Saratoga/Cupertino/San Jose,CA

Bringing Excellence in Scouting to youth and families for over 50 years.  

has been rated TOP QUALITY LEVEL of Cub Scouting at the end of 2018.

Serving Saratoga, Cupertino, and neighboring San Jose & Los Gatos

Our program draws folks to us. Our secret is getting out.

See where are family's live. Plenty of room left on the map and in the Pack. Come Join Us!

Pack Meetings held at

Menlo Church, Saratoga Campus

20455 Herriman Ave, Saratoga, CA

NOW is the perfect time for your grade K-5 children to join Cub Scouts

Older 11-18 year olds welcome in Troop 566. Click here to visit Troop 566 Website.

Some Upcoming Events (visit any as Guest except overnights)

Thur Nov 14. 7:30: Menlo Church, Saratoga. Pack Meeting (K-5 Boys & Girls).
Saturday Nov 17 28/29. Boat ride and Alcatraz Prison Tour.
Are Dens (each grade) are meeting twice a month

Some Recent Events

Pack 566 Bike Ride July 2019 "Go and Do":

After our safety / courtesy talk we being our bike
adventure from Shoreline Lake. Apparently we
need work on our single file line concept.
We stop occasionally to view nature at the

Our group photo after our 7 mile bike ride.

Pack 566 Camping Trip June 2019 "Go and Do":

One of our parents made this short movie of our Camping Trip.
Picture is of one of our cakes. Click the arrow to see the movie.
Cubs and Ingredients for our Pineapple
Upside Down Cake begin to assemble.

The top of the cake begins at the bottom.
Pineapple Rings, Cheries, Brown Sugar, and butter.

We bake our cakes in Dutch Ovens.
Tomorrow they will cook our Cinnamon rolls.
Parents learn about Camp Stoves
for family and large groups.
We assemble for the afternoon hike.
Everybody needs water & map. In line for count.

This cloud miles south of us later produced
dozens of thunder rumbles giving us concern.
Cubs prepare our meals. Here
chopping ingredients for our tin foil stew.

Forming up our dinnertime
assembly line.

The last of our dinners
cook over coals.
Morning Campfire begins for the early birds.

We boil personal omelettes 
in plastic bags.
With 24 compasses we play a compass game
to test our compass teachings.

An overnight stay on the USS Pamanito, A World War II Submarine is the May 2019 "Go and Do":

Overnight stay on the USS Pampanito.
Pampanito is a World War II USA Submarine.
We learn about the life
and times on a submarine
in world war two.

The Pack 566 Crew Pampanito May 2019.
Maximum size crew for this boat.
We toured stem to stern and slept in crew bunks.

WOW! PACK 566 is an official EARLY ADOPTER of FAMILY CUB SCOUTING (Boys and Girls welcome!!!)

Cub Scouts has always been a family affair. In pack 566 of old many sisters have participated in the program, less the formal awards. Siblings have their own racing division in the Cub Scout Derbies (Pinewood, Raingutter). BSA has taken another step forward in opening membership. We applaud this as the program is wonderful and can easily serve all youth. Although the initial design is for separate female dens we can easily see coed dens. Pack 566 is an official EARLY ADOPTER of FAMILY CUB SCOUTING and now accept all youth.

What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouts is part of Boy Scouts of America, one of the largest youth organizations in the United States.  
Cub Scouts now serves boys and girls from kindergarten through fifth grade* Pack 566 is an official FAMILY CUB PACK so both Boys and Girls are welcome to share the fun equally.
* Note that the Cub Scout grade level is such that you advance the day after school gets out (early June) to the next grade level.
On Oct 11th, 2017 BSA announced that girls will be invited to join the Scouting adventure starting with Cub Scouts and advancing through all the way to Eagle Scout*.
Older siblings can join Troop or Crew 566. the Scouting Troop program serving boys (girls in Feb 2019) aged 11 to 18. The Crew serves boys and girls aged 14 to 21. Unlike other youth activities lasting just a few months each year, participation in Scouting can be ongoing through adulthood providing experiences, friends, and fun.

LIONS - The  Kindergarten Program

Pack 566 was a charter member of the Lion Kindergarten program. Now after 3 years it is now mainstream Cub Scouts.. Pack 566 is proud to offer the Lion program to Saratoga / Cupertino/West San Jose and surrounding area families. Kindergarten is an exciting time for both youth and parents. Boys move from home centered activities into the public world. Mom and Dad meet many more families in the neighborhood and expand their participation in the community. LION and Cub Scouting can help with this transition providing a safe, consistent, and fun environment outside of school. Boys and parents participate together in the program. Unlike most other activities, participation in Scouting can continue through to adulthood. The LION program takes only a few hours each month and has very reasonable costs.  Click on the "More Lion Info" link under the Lion in the left margin for more information.

What do Cub Scouts Do?

Cub Scouts have fun with other kids! We play sports, build things like race cars, space rockets, tool boxes, and miniature catapults. We play games and have contests. We perform skits, sing songs, and tell jokes. We explore our community by taking field trips to local places. We perform service in our community. We go on overnight trips that the general public does not have access to do like staying overnight on a submarine or an air craft carrier. We have summer day camps and weekend camping trips. We have fun all year long for many years. Check out links in the left margin.

Where do our members live?

Our Pack is spread in the triangle formed by HW280, Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road (aka DeAnza) and Saratoga Ave and surrounding areas. 

Why parents should have their children join Pack 566!

It will be great fun and a positive experience. Den and Pack activities are something to look forward to providing a happy place outside of the pressures of school. Cub Scouts will give your children a head start in life. They will have a core group of local friends with whom they can participate in terrific activities in a safe and supervised environment. They will keep these friends for many years to come. Their social skills will improve and they will learn to be a team player as well as a team leader. Their exposure to foods, cultures, ideas, and more will widen. Respect will be given and received. Your children will be introduced to much more of life as the experience of the group usually exceeds that of an individual parent's knowledge, comfort base, or time commitment allows. Cub Scouts can serve as the "village" that will contribute to your children's growth.

Why Parents should be involved!

There are no paid positions in a Cub Scout Pack. We are all volunteers, mostly serving our own children at the same time. Parents benefit from the adult social experience as you meet many other local parents. Be young again as you work with children. Use your specific knowledge and life experience to teach children in an informal setting. Make the Pack and the community as a whole better with your involvement as others do the same for your children.

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